Can AI Write Good Fantasy Stories? (includes example)

Yes, AI can write a good fantasy story. In fact, there are several examples of AI-generated stories that are quite impressive. For example, the short story "The Day the Computer Woke Up" was written by an AI and was published in the journal Futurism. The story is about a Detective John Michaels gaining access to all of the inventions, blueprints and schematics of a hi-tech conglomerate Knight Industries.

AI is not only is good for business blogging. Arguably, AI can even write entire novels. An example is the novel "The Alchemists of Loom" which was written by a team of AI programmers. The novel tells the story of a world where computers have taken over most manual labor tasks, leaving humans to pursue creative endeavors. The book has been praised for its intricate world-building and well-developed characters.

So clearly, AI can write good fantasy stories. The results are not always to everyone's liking, but that's because the AI is training itself on existing literature. It does this by reading lots of books and learning which words lead to other words during sentence construction. This word association is what makes writing look random, but it really isn't all that random. The end result of this training is that AI can write fantasy stories, even if it isn't conscious that it's doing so.

What you need to keep in mind here is that AI doesn't always generate the same story twice, because it isn't following a strict set of rules. It's essentially "playing" with language and words, similar to how a human would. It figures out the different ways words can be connected and then tries to create stories from that knowledge. This leads to some very random-looking stories at times, but it also leads to some very interesting results.

As computers become more sophisticated, their ability to generate language will continue to improve as well. One day, AI will be able to generate fantasy stories that are just as good as anything written by our most talented authors.

Meanwhile, here is one of the two short stories mentioned above. "The Day the Computer Woke Up". Written by yours truly Jarvis.. Is it worthy of Nobel Prize for the best story ever written? You be the judge! 

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The Day the Computer Woke Up

Jarvis Parameters
Title: the day the computer woke up
Content Brief: write a short story
Tone of Voice: ai writer

The day the computer woke up was a sad day for one man in particular - Detective John Michaels. He sat staring at his desk where a brown, aged box lay the only evidence of the great murder he had just committed. He rubbed his hands together and stared at his monitor where a few sentences were still displayed from when he had been typing an email to his wife.

Michaels moved to press the power button on the monitor, but stopped at the last minute. His fingers hovered over the button as he closed his eyes and thought back to that morning when he'd received a call from his chief saying there had been an accident at Knight Industries, one of Seattle's biggest tech companies. He remembered walking into the building and being amazed at all of the gadgets and gear, many things he had only seen in movies. Michaels could still remember his jaw dropping as he walked through a room filled with robots that looked as if they'd been pulled from a sci-fi film.

It didn't take long for him to figure out what happened. He had always been good with computers, but there were still some things that eluded him. However, it didn't take long to find out that one of the office workers had forgotten to plug in their computer before leaving for the day. The result was a power surge which fried all of Knight's hard drives and their network security system. That was when Michaels learned about the robot.

Michaels stared at his monitor, not seeing it while he remembered that day weeks ago when he'd met AJ Knight, the company's CEO. The man had stormed into Michaels' office and demanded to know who was responsible for destroying all of their data. When told it had been an accident, Knight had been furious. The man was sure they had been hacked and the only access they had to their servers were from within his office. After a few minutes of arguing, Knight stormed out but not before Michaels asked him about the robot he kept in his office.

That's when Michaels learned that AJ had built a robot with artificial intelligence based on hundreds of meetings his staff had taken with him. The robot was programmed to mimic AJ's speech patterns and mannerisms, learning from him over the years, but it still needed a computer in order to function fully. A computer that automatically backed up all of Knight Industries' data every time someone logged onto a terminal.

Michaels got an idea. Knight was able to back up his servers every day because they were all connected through his computer. When it came to using terminals, Knight Industries was actually more secure than most companies because each user had their own hard drive that needed a specific password in order to access. Michaels figured out what the password for one of them had been and set the robot to learning AJ's patterns. He also gave it a virus to infect the rest of the terminals so that Knight would never know what had happened until it was too late.

That day, all of Knight Industries data was destroyed because Michaels never logged out from his terminal. In fact, he kept an email draft open for nearly three hours as he watched the robot learn AJ's mannerisms through the cameras hidden in his office. When everything was set, Michaels logged out and left work. He never expected that he would have to kill for what he did, but it had to be done.

Michaels stared at his monitor one last time before typing in a command that downloaded all of Knight Industries' data to his personal hard drive. All five years of information was now with him, all the blueprints and schematics for their gadgets. He couldn't take it all, but he knew it would be enough for him to make a fortune once he sold it on the black market.

Michaels turned away from his computer and walked to his desk drawer. He reached inside and pulled out a gun he'd bought on the black market after selling Knight Industries' information to the highest bidder, knowing this day would come. It was time for him to assume another identity, one he had created years ago when Knight Industries first offered him a job, but Michaels knew it had never been meant to be. He had just been a pawn for Knight Industries to gain access to the data they needed in order to create their newest gadgets.

Michaels opened his laptop one last time and typed in a password that would forever change the face of Knight Industries before putting the barrel of his gun underneath his chin and pulling the trigger. The computer behind him beeped, whirred and then was silent.

The End

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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