Example of AI Writing a Realistic Dialogue Between Doctor and Patient

It took Jarvis AI about 2 minutes to come up with this dialogue. This came out in the style of an AI-written fictional story. Here it is below for your judgement and assessment. 

Jarvis Parameters
Title: dialog between doctor and patient
Content description/brief: write a realistic dialog between doctor and patient
Tone of voice: ai
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Doctor, when was the last time I saw you" asks Peter.

"Last week," says his doctor "but to be honest, your bloodwork is a bit strange."

Peter's eyes widen in shock and he holds up a hand. "So what does that mean?"

"Well," She pauses to consider her answer carefully "it means that you have some trouble, but I'm confident that with a few tests we can find out what's going on."

"What kind of tests?" asks Peter.

"Hmm," says the doctor "Let us get started with an x-ray and EKG to start. If those are normal, then we can do a CT scan, ok?"

"Sure," Peter says dejectedly. The doctor walks out of the room to schedule his imaging tests and Peter turns off the TV, he wasn't really interested in it anyways. He stands up and flops over onto his bed. His thoughts are racing through his head at a million miles per hour about what is wrong with him.

Is it cancer? he thinks to himself. Could I be dying? Is the world about end like my coworker always says it is? He rolls over and pulls out his phone, scrolling through Facebook aimlessly. After a few minutes of mindless scrolling, Dr. Richards pops into his room "Hey Peter, You ready?"

"Yep," Peter says, not sure if he's ready for the tests. He follows Dr. Richards into a room that has an x-ray machine. After taking a few pictures of his lungs, they move on to the EKG machine which will give them information about his heart (problems with his heart could cause all sorts of things, so it is important to test for this).

"So," Peter asks hesitantly "Any idea what's going on?"

The doctor looks at him and shakes her head. "Not yet," she offers a small smile that doesn't reassure Peter in the slightest.

He sits around for a while until they call him into the CT scan. The room is cold and Peter's teeth chatter together as he sits in the chair that faces into the opening of the machine. He pulls out his phone, hoping to play a game while they x-ray him but instead sees an article about how much radiation he'll be receiving during this test (he doesn't even want to think about what it would be like if he had an x-ray machine at home).

The test is over quickly and Peter returns to his room, lying down on the bed with a heavy sigh. He pulls up some show about time travel on Netflix but before it even starts playing, Dr. Richards pops her head into Peter's room "Hey Peter, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure," Peter says nervously. She motions him out into the hallway and leads him over to another room, just outside of Peter's room is Dr. Jones (another doctor on call). They shut the door behind them and sit down in two chairs. "Peter," Dr. Richards begins "I have bad news."

Peter's heart starts racing. He had been trying to distract himself from the fact that he might have a serious problem, but now his mind is racing even faster as it begins to search for possibilities (he gets cancer and dies). "What is it?"

"You're in renal failure," She pauses and looks at him "We might need to start dialysis as soon as possible, they should be able to fit you in tomorrow."

"Oh," Peter says quietly "So what does that mean for me now?"

Dr. Richards takes a deep breath and begins "It means that your kidneys aren't working and we'll need to surgically implant a machine (dialysis machine) that will mimic the function of your kidneys for a while."

"But," He pauses "Will that fix me?"

"Possibly," She says quietly "anything could happen in the next few days."

Dr. Richards reaches forward and puts a hand on his knee "It should make you feel better, but while we wait for a donor you'll have to do some dialysis".

Peter nods his head and looks down at his hands. "I thought it would be cancer," he says quietly. He feels a tear roll down his cheek and quickly wipes it away, but Dr. Richards notices "You're going to get through this Peter, you'll see."

"Thanks," Peter says quietly as he wipes away more tears.

"We'll start dialysis first thing tomorrow, okay?" Dr. Richards says comfortingly. Peter nods his head and she gets up to return to her station (where she will write up the necessary orders for Peter's treatment).

Dr. Jones walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder "Hey, I know this isn't what you want to hear but think about it this way, you're going to get through this and be back at work before you know it."

"Okay," Peter says, not believing what he's saying. They walk back into his room together and Dr. Jones bumps fists with him. "I'll see you tomorrow Peter, get some rest."

Peter nods and lies back down on his bed. He watches Dr. Jones walk out of the room before looking up at the ceiling. He squeezes his eyes shut, trying to stop himself from crying but a few tears still slip out as he tries to hold them in. He reaches for a tissue and blows his nose before turning back to the show from earlier.

He watches the show, but every time someone talks he hears dialysis instead of uninterestingly dialogue and each scene brings another memory to mind (watching his mom go through dialysis, her wrinkly hands after she has to start wearing gloves so that she doesn't contract an infection).

After the show, Peter turns his TV off and cries for a few minutes before trying to sleep. 

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